Our expertise is always governed by the experiences we face. As a young company, we have had the fortunate exposure to a number of contracts to date and we are constantly striving to deliver far greater value and service to our customers.

In the recent period, we have undertaken the following projects.

We have undertaken equipment refurbishment and re-certification on the following:

  • Telescopic Joint full recertification
  • Telescopic Joint change out of packer system
  • Disassembly of buoyancy and detailed inspection of 4 Drilling Risers
  • Riser full recertification
  • Manufacture of minor components for drilling riser spares

These contracts were undertaken for an Original Equipment Manufacturer in Singapore (OEM).

This project was undertaken in a very tight time frame, from which we did not deviate. With the inclusion of repairs to the Telescopic Joint, the process was complicated and reliant upon supply of certain critical components.

We undertook the preparation, welding, inspection, testing and assembly within the required load out for our clients’ client and stamped our capability and determination to ensure we do what we promise, was delivered.

We have completed a complicated assembly, pressure testing and function testing of 2 brand new Telescopic Joints in Singapore.

This was to complete a distressed project that had not been completed by a previous vendor, so traceability was critical along with ensuring that the testing regimes were stringent to confirm adequacy for service.

We took an aggressive commitment on delivery, that we remained confident in achieving and worked tirelessly to achieve the mandated outcome.

We have completed the disassembly, detailed inspection, repair and reassembly of 10 Drilling Risers in Malaysia. This was another successfully completed and early delivered project for an OEM. Our originally envisaged time frame was executed in half the time.

In July of 2017, we undertook a new contract to recertify 1 telescopic joint, 6 drilling risers, 1 manual running tool, 1 hydraulic running tool and 1 BOP landing assist tool.  Our schedule for an 8 week turn around was easily met and our teams excelled in completing the work even with the delays we incurred in receiving free issue materials.

As with all refurbishment projects, the unknowns always play havoc with our plans.  After inspection, we discovered that new parts were required, so we had to manufacture brand new components at very short notice and ensure that the quality remained high and the time to manufacture was short.

Each piece of equipment offered its own challenges, but with a competent team to take on the complexity of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, each item now takes on a new journey back to their owners under full recertification.

The success of our projects goes hand in hand with a very comprehensive planning phase with key stakeholders. Our teams work diligently to pursue all aspects of the project preparations so that when the equipment lands, or our teams arrive on site, we start immediately.

We look forward to supporting you in your endeavours.