The Westmont journey has been borne out of the deep rooted desire to do so much better than has been on offer to date, in every respect.

A better way to provide services and support to customers, a better way to be an employer, a better way to behave, a better focus to have and a better way to be a company.

We are not bound by profit pirates nor corporate bureaucracy and when doing things better means doing things differently, we bravely face whatever comes our way.

We stand for much more than the attainment of profits, we do what we do because we truly believe in it and we love doing it.

The pursuit of our commitment will never waiver in determination and resolve.
We are committed to:

  • always working with integrity,
  • being brave enough to walk in the opposite direction of status quo,
  • leading by example,
  • standing behind what we say and do,
  • being there for those who need us, and
  • supporting the attainment of a better future for our world.