Why Westmont?

Established in Singapore

Westmont is a professional services firm originating in Singapore.  Westmont was established with the primary goal of providing high quality services to its customers around the world in the oil and gas, energy, industrial and chemical sectors.

Reputation for Committed Safety

We don’t just talk about safety as a marketing slogan to attract or win business, we view safety and environmental protection as the basis for how we provide our services.  Everyday we view the day as a new one to understand what we have to do, what our risks are and how we are going to perform our tasks.  One day at a time, we maintain a safe workplace and ensure that our footprint on the world is a positive one.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Having the right people and associating with the right partners where we need to, ensures we provide a high technical competence to provide solutions for our customers.  Knowing what needs to be done and being strict on timing for delivery, are fundamentals in providing high calibre expertise.

Skilled and Capable Workforce

As with technically astute solution driven engineering, our workforce comprises hands on expertise, knowledge and determination to perform a task to the highest skill level possible and with focus on ensuring quality workmanship. Our people consider themselves practitioners with great pride in their craft.

Experienced Leadership

Consistency in decision making, entrepreneurial spirit, vision to flexibility and adaptability and a well rounded portfolio of experiences sets out our management and leadership qualities.

Quality and on Time Delivery

When factoring in safety and environmental protection protocols, nothing matters more than providing our customers what we promised them and by the date we said it would be done.  We give our word, we stick to it.  We ensure quality is built in to our processes.  We invoke clear instructions and work procedures for all applications and positions, thereby providing a simple yet powerful path for our employees and partners.