Westmont provides procurement, fabrication and installation services for onshore assets.  We can deliver your most comprehensive and complicated requirements.

By ensuring that the designers see through the life of the project, constructability is always at the forefront to ensure seamless integration and start up.

We provide expertise in delivering highly complex modules, process piping, structures and specialised equipment.  Our advanced supply chain reaches all parts of the globe to be able to provide high quality and exotic materials.  From raw material supply, forgings, machined components and OEM parts, we provide an all-encompassing service through a proven and reliable supply chain.

Specialised welding, or simple carbon steel piping, we have access to hundreds of qualified welding processes and procedures to deliver most requirements.  Where we don’t have it, we will qualify it.  We work with industry leaders in welding equipment and technology, with whom development of any procedure is possible, most importantly however, we ensure that the most suitable process is utilised to maximise the quality of the weld, the ease at which the weld is created and the speed at which the weld is deposited.

Westmont can fabricate and utilise its mature global supply chain to provide the resources and materials to construct and install:

  • Process piping
  • Modules – pre-assembled, built on site
  • Structures
  • Specialist equipment